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Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question and need an answer quickly? See the frequently asked questions below to learn more about Current Cost products 



Have a question and need an answer quickly? See the frequently asked questions below to learn more about Current Cost products 


Why is my display showing '0' watts (or is very low)?

A fairly easy mistake is to place the CT (Sensor jaw) around either more than one cable or a multi-core cable. The CT must be placed around one single mains cable, ideally the 4th from the left as you look at the meter. If you place it around both Live and Neutral, it will have a cancelling effect or possibly a very low reading that doesn't reflect the real figure.

How do i stop the LED lighting?

The light only comes on when the low tariff is used and set. If you don't actually want a low rate tariff set-up: Press and hold the left hand triangle button for more than 3 seconds, toggle between options with the square button and note the rate. Press and hold both triangle buttons for more than 3 seconds, toggle between the options using the square button and set the low rate to the same value as the normal.

Does the device need batteries?

The monitor has been specifically designed to run off the mains power supply, so it's always on, ready to give you information at a glance. Using batteries has an environmental impact ... and of course they always need changing.

Will information be lost in the event of a power cut?

All stored information (time, unit cost, historic data) will be held in memory, although the clock will remain at the time when the power was removed.

Does it matter where i put the monitor?

No, but it makes good sense to place it where you can easily glance at it, perhaps the kitchen. The radio signal from the transmitter should cover a distance of 30 metres, but solid walls and obstructions can affect this.

Do i unplug it when i go on holiday?

You could do, but you may find it interesting to see the power you are using/wasting when the house is left unoccupied and theoretically when it should be using virtually nothing.

How much does it cost to run?

Depending on your unit cost ~ About 2.5p per week.

Why do I see some dashes instead of energy (watts) occasionally?

From time to time the display unit may temporarily lose its signal, this can be caused by a number of things but it should reconnect in a matter of seconds

Do the monitors come in different colours?

All our monitors are available in Black or White. In addition the EnviR can compliment any room with our range of colourful changeable fascias.

Can I have more than one monitor (say for a study)?

Yes, in fact this makes great sense so you can keep an eye on energy usage more frequently.

Does it have to be professionally installed?

No, the Current Cost device is not intrusive, this means that no electrical connection is made. However, it is good practice to follow the instructions issued by your utility company very carefully and if you are in any doubt consult a professional.

Who should I contact if it stops working?

In the first instance you can email our Technical Team ~ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I keep my monitor clean?

A slightly damp sponge or cloth, do not immerse in water.

Are there monitors available for the poor of sight?

We are continually making improvements and changes to our range, we hope to have an 'audible alert' version available soon.

Can I check my monitor while I’m away from home?

The Current Cost monitor is equipped with a serial port for direct contact with your home or business PC. Software we are developing now will allow all sorts of communication. It is not good practice of course to leave your PC on (even in stand-by) while you are not using it.

Can I use it on my three phase supply?

 Yes, the Current Cost product will allow for up to three clamps, the total usage is displayed on the monitor, but can be viewed individually on a PC.

Can I view data from months ago?

Software is being developed which will allow you to interrogate historic data, via your PC. You can view usage on the monitor for 1, 7 and 30 days.

Can I use a different currency?

 The standard European version has both £ (GBP) and € (Euro) symbols, and $ (dollar) versions are available on request.

Can I use it on my E7 or E10 supply?

Yes, the Current Cost monitor allows for two different day rates using a secondary clamp.

How can I detect faulty appliances?

 Keep an eye on the monitor when different appliances turn on and off, check the consumption against the manufacturers specification, it may differ slightly and older machines are almost certain to use more. There will come a time when the appliance is using far more than it should and replacement should be considered.

Why is the energy used different than my revenue meter shows?

The Current Cost system is specifically designed to highlight areas of usage (and more importantly wastage) it is not intended to replace or compete with your more accurate installed meter. It can complement your installed system by showing you what appliances are costing money now or recently, whereas your meter will show you accumulated usage. The Current Cost system receives information every six seconds, your meter continually records usage.

Is the Current Cost unit available to buy?

To buy any Current Cost energy monitor or accessories visit our shop here.

Can I buy the PC cable?

The RJ45 to USB Data cable can be purchased from our eBay and Amazon stores. We also have a Serial Data Cable available for anyone who needs this type of data cable.

My tariff alters after a number of units, what figure should I enter into the display?

The Current Cost monitor is designed to highlight wastage and is not intended to be a revenue meter. The reason a cost is on there is to offer some relevancy to the wattage used. The best currency to highlight wastage is energy (expressed as watts) although money ultimately saved is an obvious benefit. A good solution, offered by a user is: Add the two tariffs together, then add five per cent VAT, finally divide by two, and enter this value in as a single tariff.

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