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DC-GAP ltd monitoring examples

DC-GAP ltd energy monitoring system is developed to monitor and manage the electricity power using in a certain place or circumstances, such as a house, a building, a factory or an exhibition hall. We have different versions of products specifically for individual families and big projects. Our IoT products and services are simple to install and very convenient to operate and can be popularized easily. The concept of energy-saving, green life and convenient operation is becoming more and more stronger in the world, our hardware and software solution is just to meet the demand of the new Digital Era we are entering. Below are some examples from some of our customers. We are also happy to announce cooperation with Neaneg Remoda's Portal.



Live 1: 12 KW PV System, PVoutput, Enfoton Solar, Tripower 12KW -> (ask for password), (CurrentCost)

Live 2: Simple House and PV OR here , TrinaSolar, Tripower 8KW, (CurrentCost)

Live 3: 7KW PVsystem , Sunny Mini Central 7KW, (Only historical data available), (CurrentCost)

Live 4: 10.5KW System, 3*3KW SunnyBoy, Monocrystaline, Alpha Panels, (SMA monitoring)

Live 5: Socket, Device Monitoring (Fridge,Aircondition, etc), (CurrentCost)

Live 6. 20KW System with Trina Panels and 2 Tripower SMA 10KW (SMA monitoring)

Live 7: 20KW System with HarreonSolar and 1 Tripower SMA 17KW (SMA monitoring)

Live 8: 20.2KW System with HarreonSolar and 1 Tripower SMA 15KW  and 1 Tripower 6KW (SMA monitoring)

Live 9: 6KW HarreonSolar Tripower 6KW (SMA monitoring)

Live 10: Real time Comparison between 3 PV Systems using Xively (Using CurrentCost)

Live 11: 19.5 kW East-West Oriantation with SMA and RECOM panels Latsia (SMA)

Live 12: 7.25kW Agious Trimithias, SMA and RECOM panels (SMA)

Live 13: 35kW ORA project SMA and HareonSolar Panels (SMA Web box) (SMA)

Live 14: 40kW Peristerona, SMA and RECOM panels  (SMA Web box) 2*20kW (SMA)

Live 15: 3kW Net-Metering, SMA and RECOM panels (PVoutput) Production Vs Consumption (CurrentCost)

Live 16: 3kW Systems Comparison (CurrentCost)

Live 17: 3kW Solar Edge Monitoring Vs Current Cost Meter 

Live 18: 3kW RECOM and SMA via PVoutput portal 

Live 19: 80kw  from PV pvout with temperature on Panels REFUSOL (CurrentCost)

Live 20: 4kW Netmetering Recom + SMA and seasonal tilting  (ask for password), (CurrentCost + Remoda)

Live 21: 1kW Demo Unit with ABB (Aurora) Microinverters, Various Panels West Orientation

Live 22: SolarEdge 3kW Monitoring with CurrentCost

Live 23: Solar-Edge Production & Consumption


DC-GAP monitoring Team


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