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Concentrated Solar Power

Scalable concentrated solar power system with combined heat and power (CSP-CHP).

Hybrid system consists of a stirling-dish and a heat to electricity engine (stirling generator or microturbine). Preliminary calculations and simulations show that this high temperature cycle is capable of reaching temperatures higher than 800oC at the receiver and generate 14kW of electric power.

 The CSP-CHP aims at residential users and /or hotel units. Hence, the innovation of this design relies on smaller size mirrors (<16m2), higher reflectivity (>93%) and greater energy collection efficiency (>75%). In addition the ability for configurability and interoperability to work within wider temperature range providing end-users with maximal flexibility in using the sun light energy (for electric power generation, heating/cooling or water treatment).

Additional innovative aspect of the CSP-CHP lies in following of the “LEGO bricks” approach - easy and challenging to assembly pieces of equipment by the user himself. This approach enables wider application, reduction of the price for the whole system and improve attractiveness.


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