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Remoda !

New Monitoring Portal Dedicated for Cyprus matters

We are happy to announce collaboration with   portal where registered users can view, analyze and collect their data …Anytime… Anywhere!


The portal supports industrial and/or commercial remote process monitoring, control and data logging. 
Salient features are not limited to: 

    >   CUSTOM REPORTS (on per-case requirements) 
    >   SMS / EMAIL notifications (event- or timer-driven) 

Applications (View FAQ - in Greek ):


  • LIVE (€) electricity bills (quantitative comparison of EAC tariffs)
  • Energy Demand, Consumption & Quality Analyses (determination of customer profile)
  • PV Production, Yield & Performance Ratio
  • Remote Weather Stations
  • Industrial Processes & Productivity
  • Digital/Analogue sensors (temp, pressure, weight, flow etc.)
  • BMS, PLCs, SCADA etc...



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